Nino's Pizza in Callao, Virginia - Authentic Italian Restaurant Since 1988 Serving Pizza, Wings, Stromboli, Pasta, Seafood, Sandwiches, Subs & More!


About Nino's
Nino as a child in SicilyEver since Nino was a kid growing up in Sicily he dreamed of one day opening a restaurant, providing people with outstanding, authentic, quality food.
When he was a young boy he worked side-by-side with his uncle in his restaurant. After arriving in America in 1978 Nino found work in a New York restaurant, still learning and perfecting the quality food and service he wanted to provide in his own place.
Nino then relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where he was given the opportunity to open his own authentic Italian restaurant in a small town named Callao, also where he met his wife of 20 years who has helped him manage the restaurant ever since. Nino now has 4 wonderful kids and hopes to continue his dream of providing the Callao community with top of the line food & service.

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